Check my style outLife situations are the one I speak aboutIt seems cats now-a-days we gettin’ introduced to courageDon’t get discouraged ’cause my words will threw her like flourishWe got the bountyWe from the queen’s countyOverlookin’ things like a rushmore mountyAnd got no other choice except to get a little loveWe rise aboveWe be fittin’ like a gloveThr pain in my heart is getting dosed by joyWe have no other boy but to bring the b-boyThere’s nothin’ on this erb that can end still fearThe locomive, puttin’ my thing in gearI only have the fear of guard and that’s aquaYou need binacaYour trap is blazing like blancaI got the lethal you couldn’t put a match to itLet me know yo we could do it like stu itMind over matter action is neededWhen the big one not to be super seededResponsibility is somethin’ I can’t denyThe illegallies is narcist replyMost cats scrambled to do ’cause they want toBut on the kick rising in the past on in prompt toMy lily’s hot like two links in the skilletA room filled with speakers one stage, watch me kill itNow we should resort from the cradle to the graveRound and opposition twisted like super daveYou be looking, bub, just like uncle jesseDon’t make the scene messy’cause it’ll jump that’s word aunt betsyProfound sentences to pure lyric demsSome of my friends be like a people with stemsFolks be on the chase for this cheddarThinkin’ it makes your life betterBut it can make you ass outAnd when I’m at a show chicks never pass outWe got the noise to make the whole mash outA tribe called quest make the party go downPlus we make posite divots to fill up all your crownsLyrics come to cats like a hot and cold flashSo can come with ease if four and a smashHeld the fort down like the justice league all the super friendsBut in the world turn more spinsBrothers walk the street with the ill pace faceCity life breeze contempt for each raceAll pages due to a law and I should say itIt’ the abstract, motor, vader, making things, making things betterPuttin’ things in perspective to rock and roll’cause you know this kid is got wild soulOf every kind of dramaLike stars out pirhannaCold like ice jazzed hot like a saunaIt’s the has verse the the half guess who’s arrived in the hoodExposing all wrongs it’s all goodYo word up, hip-hop is live like a wireLet’s get a little bit before the whole joint expireI got to stress it againYou see it’s for my kenAnd all my babiesChildren of the world, no maybe’sTo you we got to move throughAnd push throughBecause we got to make it happen keep the true blueIt’s like thatSo much confusion goin’ onSo much confusion goin’ onInside all mineInside all mineSo much confusion goin’ onUh, uh, uh, uhBut everything will be fineSo much confusion goin’ onSo much confusion goin’ onGotta make it alrightGotta make it alrightGotta elevate your mindElevate your mindElevate your mindElevate your mindElevate your mindElevate your mindElevate your mind