Chorus q-tip:Oh my God (16x)Q-tip:Listen up everybody the bottom lineI’m a black intellect, but unrefinedWith precision like a bullet, target boundJust livin like a hooker, the harlett soundsNow when I say the harlett, you know I mean the hotHeat in the equator, the brothers in the potJalick, jalick ya wind up ya hipDraftin of the poets, I’m the #7 pickLicks, licks, licks boy on your backsideLicks, licks, licks boy on your backsideListen to the fader, shaheed lets it glideTip the earthly bodyHeaven’s on my sideEven in santo domingoCan I gotta gringoYo, we got mics, when do we go? Know a little nigga who can ryhme when you ask meShort, dark, and plus his voice is raspyPhife1 for the treble, 2 for the bassYou know the style tip, now watch me rip thisI like my beats harder than two day old shitSteady eatin booty mcs like cheese gritsMy man al b. sure, he’s in effect modeUsed to have a crush on dawn from en vogueIt’s not like honey dip would wanna get with meBut just in case I own more condoms than tlcNow the formula is this…me, tip, and aliFor those who can’t count it goes 1-2-3The answer…big up is how I beBrothas find it’s hard to do, but never meSome brothas try to dis malikYou see’m catchin meDon’t worry about them booty mcs, my shit be hittinTrainin gladiator, anti-hesitatorShaheed push the fader from here to granadaMister energeticWho me, sound pathetic? When’s the last time you heard a funky diabetic? I don’t know man(3x)I don’t know(2x)Chorus:Q-tipComplimentary it beThe thief of poetryI got a humdinger comin hook, line and sinkerThe timbo hits with the prints undergroundTimbo’s on the toes, I like the way it’s goin downDown like the lady of the eveninWhen it goes in hun just beleive the sinCuz queens is the county, jamaica is the place(phife: take off your boots cuz you can’t run the race)See, this is how we do when we keep it on and onDo what…Got my man big mo with the streets and the papesMy man big mo with the streets and capriceThis is how we do when we keep the wildin sheetsCuz we got to do it like this, we aim to pleaseSee ya next lp and next cd and next cassetteYo, we about to jetWe a tribe called quest and we the midnight maraudersTribe called quest and we the midnight maraudersSee ya next time cuz we the midnight maraudersA yo, we out cuz we the midnight maraudersGo to the record store and get the shitWe work hardWe a tribe called quest and we the midnight maraudersQueens got it’s own and brooklyn got it’s ownLike that