Truth’s are all liesThe commons I DespiseThey really didn’t do it for meA greased palm over hereget’s you something over thereDoesn’t honesty count for anything?I can hear it ringLibery for me, Can’t you hear it ring?God damn deaf!One of the masses…YUCK!Demeaning, demeaningWhat’s the meaning?Why do Jackasses and Dumbos fight?Something’s not rightA political cival war, unrest!I think some bastard father said it best"GROW THE HELL UP!"Go get a life!’bout the boutit’s a common interventionUnity and confussionA twisted messed up inventionMock the mocked who follwed the flockWho never really picked up on what life’s about!He is wrong, who answers the answersQuestion not me but all the questionsGesture a finger, he laid one on mePressure the man, for his lies lay in our plansTo score one in the forumA fucking peice of the pieIt’s amazing the arrogence which comes with a suit and tieA degree allows some degressof free bullshit to spillTo never swallow pride for it’s a mighty big pillParanoia strikes with the check in the mailLiberty without the cash, watch the freedom set sailOut of your life, you get no remorseRelinquish you humility with all force