Intro: q-tipJust a lil somethin-somethinAbout the cats who be frontingYou know the tip, he be huntinFor all the goodness graciousAll across the wide spacesYo, check it out, bust me down, yoYo… yo…Verse one: q-tipYouse my peoples, why it got to come down to this shitTwo people thinking as one so now he splitRemember what I said to you, you bleed, I bleedC’mon, you know how we get down, if you’re down, you needAnd I’m supplying, the dynamic duo, electricfyingEverybody had to wet us, cuz no one will forget usSon, I testify sure as God was my guideAny petty little bullshit you did will slideSame on my end, after all, what are we, friendsIf niggaz ran me this, too much grounds we defendIn the honor or brotherhood cuz it’s all goodGet on some grown man shit and let’s knock on woodBut now seeing you baby in this stall out positionWondering who’s the dime piece that you’re kissingYou night as well take the jigger and take my lifeCuz the dime piece you happen to be kissing is my wifeShit, I should have know not to let these crab assesGet within the circle of my girl and make passesNow you disrespected me and everything I stand for(but I’m saying though, son) shhh, say no moreAllah forgive me, my thoughts is traveling to low desiresShould I turn the other cheek or react and perspireDon’t wanna see myself in penitentiary attireBut I caught him in the act and my emotion is dire