26 years and seems like I’ve just begunTo understand myMy intimate is no oneWhen the directors of the showBought his last linesThey got the cast of music and lights? ? This is my line, this is eternalHow did I ever wake up hereDisconnect breathing unnaturalMy place to dissappearI turn to grace while dancing for you? Im ready to dance on and let me disown? I feel this ? ? is so unnaturalI remain alone26 years and still speaking in these toungesSuch a volitionWhile understood by no oneWhen the new actors start the showQuestion his gracePlease clear the sounds of himUpon our days? ? [chorus]Give me somethingGive me somethingGive me somethingGive me somethingGive me somethingGive me something realI lay strewnAcross the floorCant find this boxSo aggrevatingWhen others find peaceCant be foundLay strewnAcross the floor? ? By the peices that lieThe peices don’t fitPeices get in my wayCompleteAnd they….[chorus x2]