And it seems like I’m going to stay, yesYes it seems like I’ll stayBut it feels like I lostaday, yeahFound me a new love fresh like a running streamAll but here today seems like a hazy dreamThis moment holds it all and holds me in betweenNow I’m feelingInside, feeling insideEscaping timeI’m going to love youLike nobody ever did beforeLike a breeze through an open doorOn a sunny sunny dayThis love is coolGonna blow your tears awayBlow your tears awayThat’s all I have to saySunday into monday, lost another dayTuesday held me close and watched me swoon and swayI remember wednesday like a shakespear playWe could be r’ & j’A very tragic wayThursday you’re a siren deep inside the weekFriday like a shipwreck lying at your feetSaturday we met now I can hardly speak ofHow I’m feelingInside, feeling insideDissolve my mindInside, feeling insideSay lovers blindBut I don’t mind.